June 15th – 22nd, 2024

2024/06/15 09:00:00

Venue: Binions Casino  |  Host Hotel: Four Queens Resort

UPA players from all around the country will gather together to achieve their team’s personal dream of becoming US Champions!


Venue: Binion’s Casino (Las Vegas)

  • 16 Diamonds, No Green Fees!

Host Hotel: Four Queens

  • Call (800) 634-6045 to reserve your rooms!
  • Code: GN0614A
  • Across street from Venue

Host Hotel: Hotel Apache

  • Call (800) 937-6537 to reserve your rooms!
  • Code: GA0614A 
  • Inside Venue

Projected Event Schedule:


Friday 14th: SETUP (Pizza for helpers!)

Saturday 15th: 10-Ball Teams 

Sunday 16th: 10-Ball Teams Finals & Barbox Championships 

Monday 17th: Barbox Championships Finals

Tuesday 18th: 9-ball Teams 

Wednesday 19th: 9-ball (Finals)

Thursday 20th: 8-ball Teams

Friday 21st: 8-ball Teams 

Saturday 22nd: 8-ball Championship Finals

Sunday 23rd: BREAK-DOWN (Helpers Needed)

*Tables will be open daily, upon availability (No Green Fees!)

Barbox Championship Prize Fund

$1,000 added

100% Pay back (entry fees)

10-ball Prize Fund

1st – $1,000

2nd – $500

3rd – $250

Miscellaneous Features:

Mini tournaments, Challenge the President, Raffle Cues, Merchandise.

8-ball Prize Fund

1st – $5,000

2nd – $2,500

3rd – $1,500

4th – $1,000

9-ball Prize Fund

1st – $5,000

2nd – $2,500

3rd – $1,500

4th – $1,000

Nationals Dress Code (tournament play): Matching Team shirts are required.

Team Shirts & pants: Are required for all teams. Shirts must match: color, type, etc. Pants (full length) are required but do not need to match. Teams cannot manufacture shirts with UPA Trademarks. UPA patches will be available, but not required.

There will be NO: Hats/Sports Caps/Beanies (UPA Hats are allowed), Headbands/Bandannas/Do-rags, Sunglasses, Shorts, dresses, skirts, etc. Tank Tops/Crop Tops, Sleeveless Shirts (Men), during tournament play.