Pool School FAQs

What will be covered in the Pool School?

The UPA Pool School is an intensive two-day program with each day consisting of 6–8 hours of professional instruction, depending on the skill and experience of the player/student:

Knowledge of the Game:

  • The Rack
  • The Break Shot
  • Making Kicks & Banks
  • Defensive Play

Professional Skill:

  • Development of Extreme Skill-Sets (English, Speed, Spin, etc.)
  • Pattern Routines
  • Extensive/Efficient Drills
  • Cue-Ball Control

Sports Psychology & Competition:

  • Goal Setting (Pool Career)
  • Subconscious Conditioning
  • Performance Enhancing Techniques
  • Dealing with Anxiety (Mental Strength)

“I will teach you to believe in your ability and do what others think is impossible. I will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools of the Pros so that you can constantly self-improve…” 

 Frank Alvarez III

What is the price of the Pool School?

The total cost of the entire Pool School program is $875. We offer discounted rates for groups.

How do I reserve my Pool School dates?

Once you have confirmed that your dates are available all you need to do make a deposit towards the price of the Pool School in order to reserve your dates.

What other costs are associated with the school?

There are no additional costs for the Pool School. Participants are responsible for all travel accommodations. We will provide transportation to and from the venue on training days if needed.

Where are the Pool Schools located?

The current locations we offer are Arizona & Idaho.

Can I take the classes with a friend or loved one?

Yes, if you would like to enhance your experience by taking the course with a loved on or friends, we can offer discounted prices. Call for more information.

Do UPA Members receive discounts?

Yes, all active UPA league participants receive an extra 10% discount towards current Pool School pricing.

Are their “Hourly Rates” available for training?

Yes, the hourly rate for local professional instruction is $125. However, all former Pool School students receive the discounted rate of only $75 (hourly).

How good do I need to be in order to take full advantage of this school?

Our Pool School program is designed to advance your game no matter what your current level of play is. We specialize in meeting players “where they are” and understanding their needs as a student of the game. So whether you are picking up a cue for the first time or ready to go pro, our Pool School program is designed to evolve you as a player.