7 Myths about starting a Pool League & FAQs

Myth #1 Handicapping is easy

It can be difficult to accurately rate a new player that is unknown to you. Strictly assigning a handicap (Speed) based on their other league rating is never a good idea due to the fact that other handicapping systems can be very generic or purely subjective. The best practice is to have new players match up again several players of different Speeds, prior to league play and observe for yourself. Additionally, a new player’s Speed can be corrected within the first 2 matches if they were assigned a Speed too high or too low.

Myth #2 Independent leagues are best

Players want to be a part of something bigger than their local pool room. Providing a nationwide family and competitive program insures growth and a business model that is long lasting and sell-able if you decide to move on from leagues.

Myth #3 There's no room in the market for another league

Just like any market, pool players like a variety of options when it comes to playing in leagues. You are not asking that they play UPA and stop playing others. You are simply providing a different option on a different night of the week.

Myth #4 You have to own a bar or pool room

Though it certainly helps, it is not necessary. In fact, league operators are pool room & bar owner’s best friends as you are seeking to bring new customers in to their venues.

Myth #5 Starting a league is too expensive

Starting a pool league is a great way to start a business with low costs. We here at the UPA have created a business package that you can take advantage of after your initial investment.

Myth #6 You have to have experience in running leagues

Not exactly. With our full training and support you can take advantage of years of learning from other operators and representatives.

Myth #7 You need to be a good pool player

Not true. You only have to learn to recognize the skill of good players so that you can provide them with a proper Speed (Rating).

How can see if there is any local interest?

Simply download our flyer and ask your friends and family if they are interested in becoming part of nationwide family.

How do I start a UPA league where I live?

Select the venue(s) or territory that you would like to start UPA leagues in and attain the appropriate License(s). Feel free to use our flyer to promote initial interest.

How much does a License cost?

A license for a single venue can be as low as $250, whereas county licenses vary based upon county size(s). Be sure to fill out our Interest Form for your desired pricing.

What do I have to do?

As a Representative you are responsible to organize, manage, and implement all UPA Rules and Policies. See our League Information page for details.

How much paperwork is involved?

We have taken all the hassle out of running pool leagues. we will provide you with all necessary documents for league play. All you have to do is print, pass out to players, collect paperwork after league, scan and submit. We will do all data entry for you.

What do I need to start?

As a home-based business you will need the following:

  • Computer (windows)
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Phone/Email

Is there a Training Program?

Yes, all Representatives must complete a required Training Program prior to the signing of any local Members. Our program is broken up into 2 – 2 hour sessions, and is planned to work with your schedule.

Do you offer ongoing Support?

Yes, we are available during normal business hours always make ourselves available to you.

Does the UPA allow individual “Bylaws?”

No. The UPA brand is consistent nationwide. All league reps utilize the same Rules and Polices with strict adherence. Local Bylaws are never permitted.

Can I switch from an existing league?

Yes, any local league can integrate to the UPA format.