Bar Box Championship FAQs

Who can participate in this event?

The Bar Box Championship tournament is open to all UPA Touring Pro (TP) Members. You can attain membership by clicking here.

Who can become a Touring Pro Member?

Our TP Membership is open to anyone.

What if I’m already a Gold Member?

You can upgrade your membership to the Touring Pro Membership and an additional year will be added to your existing membership.

What are considered “Qualified Matches” towards the 20 match requirement?

Any match, in any UPA division, is considered to be a qualifying match. Any matches played 12 months prior to the event apply.

Can I play if I don’t have the Required Matches?

If you are unable to complete the required 20 matches, you can purchase a Sponsors Pass for an additional $500. Upon registration be sure to select “Sponsor’s Pass” and we will help you complete registration.

Can I register before I have my required matches played?

Yes, you can register before your required matches are actually played in order to secure a spot in the event. Remember, all Entry Fees are non-refundable, so be sure that you follow through with all requirements so that you don’t lose your spot/entry.

Is there a Player’s Meeting?

No. All participants are expected to know the rules and guidelines.

What is the TP Dress Code?

The TP Dress Code requires collard shirt (tucked), pant, and shoes. Belts are also required as well as each player wearing our Official TP Competition logo.

*No player shall be allowed in the playing arena without said items.

Can a TP Member play in leagues?

Yes, both Touring Pro & Gold memberships allow for league play throughout the nation.

Can I purchase additional Black/Gold TP patches?

The specialized black/gold TP patches can only be purchased by TP Members ($50).