2019 UPA Vegas Nationals FAQ’s

Is there a Registration Fee for Nationals?

No. Once you and your team have won a Vegas Qualifier (VQ), you are considered Officially Registered to our upcoming National event. All you have to do is be sure to maintain your qualification by meeting the “Universal Requirements.”

What is the format at Nationals?

UPA Nationals will have the same format as VQs and are essentially the exact same as normal league night play, with the exception of the following;

  • First team to reach 26 points wins match (does not apply to Round Robin format)
  • A player cannot play twice in one match (no match Substitutions)
  • Any forfeited match automatically awards 10 points to opposing team (Team Speed penalty applies)
  • VQs can be a Double/Single-Elimination or Round Robin format
  • A player may play on multiple teams in a VQ

Can I play on more than one team at the Nationals?.

A player can play on both an 8-ball and 9-ball team, however may only play on one (1) team within the same discipline.

What equipment will be used at the Nationals?

7 ft. Diamond Tables, Magic Racks, Aramith Ball Sets and Measle Cue Balls.

What Speed will I play with at the Nationals?

Players will play with their current Official Speed (OS) at the time of the Nationals. Please keep in mind that all players undergo a special review prior to Nationals and are always subject to live reviews anytime throughout the National event.