Official Team Guidelines

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1.0 Introduction

These Team Guidelines are consistent nationwide and are designed to produce fair, orderly, and challenging league night play for all UPA members. The UPA does not recognize, nor allow, variation(s), documents or local bylaw(s) of any kind.

2.0 League & Member Dues

2.1 New Members

Prior to participating in any UPA league and/or being added to any team roster (8 max), new members must:

  • Complete Membership Application
  • Pay Membership Dues

2.2 Membership Renewals

Annual Membership Dues are required upon receipt of renewal notification. Players are not permitted to participate beyond membership period without Renewal.

2.3 Nightly Dues

Teams are responsible for payment of Membership and Nightly Dues (see 3.0, Team Captain Responsibilities). Forfeited matches are no exception.
NOTE: There are no Nightly Dues, nor points granted, for teams on a “Bye” week.

3.0 Team Captain Responsibilities

Team Captains are responsible for all general communication (dues owed, scheduling, etc.) as well as ensuring that league night paperwork and Nightly Dues are properly submitted (see 6.0, League Paperwork).

Nightly Dues are to be paid in full each league night, if not:

  • Bonus Point deduction = 4 points (see 5.0, Bonus Points).
  • Teams must pay, in full, on their next scheduled night of play or team members will not be permitted to participate in any UPA league nationwide.

3.1 Team Names

All Team Names must be approved by UPA Corporate. Due to the nature of the UPA brand and future Nationwide Public Broadcasts (TV, Radio, Print, etc.), Team Names must be PR appropriate and always G-Rated. When a Team Name does not meet said criteria, the Team Name will be changed immediately to a Team Name ID until an appropriate name is approved.

3.2 Annual Membership for Captain

Captains receive free Membership Renewals when:

  • He/she captains a team to the UPA Nationals.
  • He/she serves as Team Captain ten (10) months out of the year.

NOTE: Contact Corporate Office upon receipt of Renewal notification.

4.0 League Night

4.1 Putting Players in the Box

League night begins with teams determining all individual matches prior to beginning any match play. This is done away from other players and without conferring with teammates. Team Match Cards and Team Match-Up Reports are required for this process:

  • Official League Paperwork will be distributed to Team Captains
  • Competing Team Captains (or team member) flip a coin to determine who chooses a player to put in the box first. The other Captain then determines which teammate will play that player. Alternate process until all matches are determined (see 4.3, Player Substitutions).
  • A Team that does not “put players in the box” within 15 minutes of Start Time automatically forfeits all matches.
  • Matches are to be played, as listed, on the Team Match Card. Both Captains may agree to play matches out of order, however they are never obligated.
  • Players must be present and ready to play when their match time has arrived or it may result in a Forfeit (follow General Pool Rules – UPA Rulebook).

4.2 Team Speed Limits

If a Team does not field enough players for all possible Matches, a Speed penalty occurs reducing the overall Team’s Speed limit:

  • Collective player Speeds for five (5) Matches can not exceed twenty-eight (28)
  • Collective player Speeds for four (4) Matches can not exceed twenty-three (23)
  • Collective player Speeds for three (3) Matches can not exceed eighteen (18)
  • Collective player Speeds for two (2) Matches can not exceed thirteen (13)

NOTE: Any Match exceeding Speed Limits is considered “not fielded” and shall be forfeited with Speed Penalties applied. It is the responsibility of Team Captains to ensure that proper Speed Limits are enforced.

4.3 Player Substitutions

Only one (1) Player Substitution is allowed per team. This allows one (1) player to play two (2) matches. The opposing Team Captain has the right to determine which available player is to play twice (within Speed limit).

  • Prior to “putting players in the box”, the Team Captain(s) utilizing the Player Substitution must inform the opposing Team Captain and announce available players from Official Team Roster.

4.4 Point Splits

The player with the lower Speed has an opportunity to “steal points” even when they lose their match. If the player, with the lower Speed, wins half their games they steal three (3) points from their opponent.

  • The player with the higher Speed can never “steal points”
  • Point Splits never occur for equal Speeds/races

4.5 Team Drop Policy

When a Team Drop occurs:

  • Find a new team to take the place of the dropped team’s place and continue, OR
  • End session immediately and pay out Prize Fund accordingly.
  • The dropped team forfeits all Prize Fund and Team Captain and/or players are subject to suspension from UPA leagues nationwide.

NOTE: New (additional) teams are not permitted to join active divisions, unless a Team Drop has occurred.

4.6 Make-up Matches

When a League Operator (LO) determines that a Make-up Match is appropriate, completed Scorecards must be submitted to UPA Corporate within fifteen (15) days of the original match date or shall be forfeited. Both Teams involved in any Make-up Match shall incur a Bonus Point deduction for not playing the originally scheduled Match (see 5.0, Bonus Points).
NOTE: Make-up Matches are never permitted for the last two (2) weeks of any session.

4.7 Forfeited Match Points

  • Individual Player Forfeits = 10 points
  • Entire Team Forfeits = 7 points per match (+ Bonus Points)

5.0 Bonus Points

Teams have the opportunity to receive up to ten (10) Bonus Points on league night based on performance in the following areas:

  • 2 points = Starting on time/No Make-up Matches
  • 4 points = Membership/Nightly Dues paid in full
  • 4 points = Accurately/completely submitting all paperwork (see 6.0, League Paperwork)

6.0 League Paperwork

All completed Match Cards and Scorecards must be appropriately signed and properly submitted to the responsible league representative. All submitted paperwork is considered final and is always subject to review by the LO and must meet UPA Corporate Office requirements.
NOTE: First/Last names must be included on all paperwork along with appropriate signatures.

7.0 End of session

7.1 Tie-Breaker

In the event of a tie between teams in a paid spot, one (1) match will be played between two (2) players to determine the winning team. A coin toss shall determine which Team Captain is to put a player in the box first. The chosen players will play one (1) standard match to determine the winner.

7.2 Prize Fund (PF)

All Prize Funds are consistent nationwide and are determined by UPA Corporate Office. PF shall be paid at the end of each respective session within one (1) week and without the use of playoffs, “additional matches,” etc.

Official UPA Prize Fund payouts are public information and are always available at

Code of Conduct

UPA members are expected to know and follow all UPA rules, policies, and guidelines. Members will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with UPA ideals and will work to represent the UPA in a professional and courteous manner. Any member that disrespects UPA Corporate Staff, it’s LOs, fellow members, or host venue staff is subject to immediate suspension, loss of Prize Fund and/or Membership.