UPA Bar Box Championships 2019

Compete in our 2019 National UPA Championships…

64 players will compete for $25,000 in our 1st Annual Bar Box Championships. This event is open to all qualified UPA Members, so take advantage of this great opportunity to play in a major event!

Prize Fund: $25,000

Entry Fee: $125 (TP Membership Required)

Dates: June 24th – 26th

Location: Binions Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Players Meeting: June 23rd 7pm

Discipline: 9-Ball, Race to 7 (finals race to 9)

Tables: 7ft Diamond Pro Am

Field: Limited 64 player

  • Paid 1-16
  • Double Elimination
  • Points Event

Requirements: Touring Pro Membership

  • 15 matches played from September 1st, 2018 – June 15, 2019 (any discipline)
  • Any Speeds (1-10)
  • Photo ID at Player’s Meeting

Dress Code: Touring Pro Dress Code

  • TP Competition Patch (black/gold)
  • Dress Shirt (tucked)
  • Dress Pants (belt)
  • Dress Shoes

Event Registration: Click Here

Players List: Click Here

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