Sponsorship and Advertising

The promotion of pocket billiards in the U.S. has tremendous potential as well as unlimited room for market growth. The estimated number of recreation pool players in the U.S. alone is more than 46 million. Pool is “everybody’s sport” as it is the only professional sport that allows competition to be truly genderless and at the same time allows for husband to compete against wife and even grandparents to play against their grandchildren.

Furthermore pocket billiards has educational and psychosocial benefit for all ages as it deals with the fundamentals of geometry and physics, fosters critical thinking and reasoning skills, improves hand-eye coordination, builds team spirit, and nurtures peer relationships in a positive manner.

Our goal as an association is to further develop and grow the sport of pocket billiards in and throughout the United States utilizing our premier amateur league system; League of Champions (LOC). The UPA’s League of Champions is the result of years of experience throughout every aspect of the Billiard Industry, and is intended to become the premier brand throughout the United States. Since the announcement of LOC in June of 2009, the UPA has enjoyed a consistent annual growth rate of 50% each year and is currently in 18 states across the country.

Sponsorship Packages*

Annual National Event in Las Vegas: 

  • Presenting Sponsor
  • Platinum Sponsor
  • Gold Sponsor

Product Sponsor:

  • Become the official [insert your product here] of the UPA!

Prize Giveaway Sponsor:

  • Team Captain of the Month
  • League Operator Feature/Incentives
  • Player Giveaways

Web Advertising*

On average our website receives more than 700 users a day with more than 1000 page views. During special events, tournaments, and announcements our average user per day increases to more than 1,000 with more than 3,500 page views. Advertise your company on our website to broaden your client base at an affordable price.

  • US Amateur Ranking Pages 8-Ball/9-Ball/10-Ball
  • Official Rules
  • Sponsors Page
  • Team Captain of the Month Feature

*All packages are customized for each option, ask for your proposal today!

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