Presenting the 8th Annual

UPA National Championships

June 20th – 26th 2022

2022/06/20 10:59:21

Venue: Binions Casino  |  Host Hotel: Four Queens Resort

*Dates, location and times are subject to change based on Covid Restrictions

UPA players from all around the country will gather together to achieve their team’s personal dream of becoming US Champions!


Place: Las Vegas, NV

  • Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

Venue: Binion’s Casino

  • 16 Diamonds, No Green Fees!

Host Hotel: Four Queens

Projected Event Schedule:

Monday: UPA Welcome Meeting/Party – 7pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am – Players meeting (Tables open at 7am)

9-ball Teams

Wednesday: Table Open (7am), 9-ball Teams – Finals

Thursday: 8-ball Teams

Friday: 8-ball Teams

Saturday: 8-ball Teams – Finals

Sunday: 8-ball Teams – Finals

8/9 – Ball Team Championships: Prize Fund $20K

1st – $5,000

2nd – $2,500

3rd – $1,500

4th – $1,000

Miscellaneous Features:

Captain’s tournament, Challenge Matches, Raffle Cues, Merchandise.

Nationals Dress Code: Smart Casual attire. Matching Team shirts are optional.

Team Shirts: Are optional for all teams. Teams cannot have shirt manufactured with UPA Trademarks. UPA patches will be available, but not required.

There will be NO: Hats/Sports Caps/Beanies (UPA Hats are allowed), Headbands/Bandannas/Do-rags, Sunglasses, Shorts, Tank Tops/Crop Tops, Sleeveless Shirts (Men), Sandals (Men)