UPA Vegas Qualifier – FAQs

The UPA will host it’s 4th annual National event in 2017 for all teams that win a Vegas Qualifier. The event will include cash & prizes with special features.

  • Welcoming Party June 19th
  • 9-Ball Teams Tournament (June 20 – 21)
  • 8-Ball Teams Tournament (June 22 – 25)

What are Vegas Qualifiers?

A Vegas Qualifier (VQ) is a tournament that a team must win in order to gain entry into the respective UPA National event;

  • 9-Ball VQs
  • 8-Ball VQs

When and where do VQs take place?

Each League Operator (LO) will host VQ tournaments during the months of September, January, and May. Check the event schedule on your local UPA Facebook page for your next VQ tournament details. If your local UPA Facebook page does not have a VQ event posted, then your LO is not holding a VQ and no teams may qualify for our national event.

What is the format of a VQ?

All VQs are required to have a minimum of two (2) teams and are played in typical league night format with the following exceptions:

  • First team to reach 26 points wins match (does not apply to Round Robin format)
  • A player cannot play twice in one match (no match Substitutions)
  • VQs can be a Double/Single-Elimination or Round Robin format
  • A player may play on multiple teams in a VQ (see details below)

Who can participate in a VQ?

Any UPA Team that meets the following requirements may compete in a VQ:

  • Current Membership/Nightly Dues
  • Teams must consist of 3 original members
  • 8-Ball players must play 6 matches (minimum) in 8-Ball within the Season prior to the actual VQ
  • 9-Ball players must play 6 matches (minimum) in 9/10-Ball (combined) within the Season prior to the actual VQ

September VQ: 6 Matches played within May 1st – August 31st
January VQ: 6 Matches played within September 1st – December 31st
May VQ: 6 Matches played within January 1st – April 30th

Can a Player be on more than one team in a VQ?

Yes, a player may be on multiple VQ teams in order to increase their chances of playing at our Nationals. However, keep in mind that players can ONLY play on one (1) 8-ball team and one (1) 9-ball team at the National event.

Note: If a player’s teams are competing against one another in the VQ, the player must sit out for that particular team match.

VQ Winners & Remaining Qualified

Once a Team wins a VQ and is officially announced into the National event, the Team/players must do the following in order to remain qualified:

  • Current Membership/Nightly Dues
  • The Team Name must remain the same
  • The Team must remain active throughout each following Season up to the National event
  • 3 original players from the VQ roster must remain on the team up to the National event
  • 8-Ball players must play 6 matches (minimum) in 8-Ball, each Season, up to the National event
  • 9-Ball players must play 6 matches (minimum) in 9/10-Ball, each Season, up to the National event

What is the Entry Fee for a VQ?

Each VQ Entry Fee is $25 per player. All teams must register two (2) business days prior to the VQ.

Can I change my Team Roster after winning a VQ?

Yes, provided the following criteria is met:

  • Three (3) players from the original VQ remain on the roster
  • Added players meet all VQ requirements
  • Each player addition is $35 until June 7th
  • After June 7th, all player additions must register at Nationals ($50 Late Fee, per addition)

Click Here to edit your Nationals Team Roster

How do I enter my Team into the next VQ?

Team Registrations must be received two (2) business days prior to the VQ by completing the following process:

    1. Fill out Registration Form
    2. Submit Entry Fee via PayPal
    3. Check your email for confirmation of qualified team members
    4. Edit roster (if needed)