Team Captain of the Month – Todd Reece

Todd Reece is our March Team Captain of the Month! Todd is Team Captain of Break and Run for UPA Atlanta, owned and operated by Randy Morris.

Todd at a glance:

8-Ball OS: 4

Team Ranking: 53

US Rank: 618

Cues: McDermott with Predator Shaft

Member since: 1/11/2016

When did you first start playing pool?

I first started playing in College, we had a table in the dorm and I would shoot around for fun. 15 years ago I started playing league and after 2 years I decided I wanted to be captain and formed my own team.

How did you get started with UPA?

I discovered that UPA was playing out of a non-smoking venue and after recovering from 6 strokes, I decided to start a team for our non-smoking players.

What is your favorite part about playing in a UPA league?

Our league is more relaxed than my previous one and I like that there is no benefit to Sandbagging. You get the best game out of everyone, every time.

What do you like most about being a Team Captain?

Since, I’m not a super emotional player, I like that I tend to balance the team out by staying calm.I like being the one to send weekly emails to my team that include schedule updates as well as observations from our previous league night.

What are some challenges you’ve faced being a Team Captain?

Competing with other Team Captains who are just “win win win” at any cost and the unsportsmanlike like conduct that can come with that type of attitude.

What qualities do you think make for a good Team Captain?

Staying calm, knowing your players and understanding why your players are playing. Make sure your players are enjoying their night!

What advice do you have for other UPA Team Captains?

If you want it then you’re probably right for the job. Make sure you enjoy a leadership role and plan on starting early and finishing late. It is more responsibility but worth it if you like being in charge!

What is your Match-up strategy?

If I have player who is just there for fun and not really competitive, I’m not going to match him against another player who is the exact opposite. I like to keep it balanced by matching Speed to Speed and demeanor to demeanor.

What is some coaching advice you’ve given to your players?

Don’t quit early, even if you’re down in the match. Just play your best game and relax!

Describe your Playing Style in one word:

Defensive. I shoot shots that I’m 100% positive I can shoot, other than that, I’m playing it safe.

Favorite Pro and why?

When I purchased my playing cue, I didn’t really know what I was looking for. The clerk decided to get one of the local pros on the phone to help me and it turned out to be Mike Massey. Even though he was playing in a tournament, he spent 15 minutes with me on the phone answering my questions and making recommendations.

Outside of league play, Todd spends most of his free time volunteering at different hospitals talking with patients and offering hope for recovery by sharing his story. After his 6th stroke, Todd was completely paralyzed on his left side and was out of play for over a year. What a great guy! Thank you Todd, may you and your team have much success in the future!