Team Captain of the Month – Ryan Rosen

Meet Ryan Rosen, our July Team Captain of the Month. Ryan is the TC of Back in Black, playing 9-Ball for one of our newer League Operators, Jessie Nester who owns and operates UPA Seatac out of Seattle. Ryan also brought his team to Nationals to compete in our 1st ever 9-Ball event and although they didn’t win the money, the team had a lot of fun and are ready to play again next year. See what he had to say about Nationals and more!

Ryan at a glance:

9-Ball OS: 8

9-Ball Team Ranking: 8

US Rank: 141

Member since: 6/3/2016

Playing Cues: Lucasi, Pure X Air Break, and Predator 2 Jump

How long have you been playing and what got you started?

I’ve been playing ever since I could pretty much hold a stick, right around 27 years now. I grew up around pool, my parents played in a league and I joined my dad’s team as soon as I was 18.

Why 9-ball?

I grew up playing 8-Ball, ball in hand rules (never bar rules). However, after I turned 21 and started playing in more leagues, I was introduced to 9-Ball. I like that you can focus on just one ball vs six and you don’t have to decide which ball to shoot, there is only the one option. Playing 9-Ball forced me to work on my cue ball control in order to work around the table for my next shot.

How did you get started with the UPA?

Jessie pitched my entire team last year and asked us if we were ready to try something different. My team decided it sounded interesting and that we’d give it a try. We liked the idea that there was cash to play for and not just a National Event.

What is your favorite part about playing in a UPA league?

The cash payouts are great as it’s an easier goal to win the cash vs waiting all year for a National event. You can see how hard you’ve worked throughout the session and if you win, the payout feels deserved. It’s been a lot of fun and we’re really happy. I also really like the Player Dashboard, no other league is as detailed in regards to all aspects of your game. It’s nice to be able to compare session to session how you’ve performed and also focus on what could use improvement. It’s a nice feature that we all enjoy.

What do you like most about being a Team Captain?

I like to study my team to determine strengths and weaknesses for each of my players. It makes it easier on the player when they call me for a time-out as I will already know how best to coach them based on what they can do well and what they would possibly struggle with.

What is your fondest UPA Team memory?

I’d have to say Nationals. Even though we didn’t win, we still had a lot of fun.

What was your favorite part of Nationals?

My favorite was being able to meet all the teams and getting to know everyone, the social aspect was really fun. We were able chat with other teams and League Operators and got a lot of good ideas to take back home. At other National events, its huge and you don’t really get the personal time.

Any advice for teams planning on entering 2018 Nationals?

Just relax and don’t get hyped up, it’s just another league night. Play your game, know the rules, and respect everything! Enjoy and just do your best.

What qualities do you think make for a good Team Captain?

Patience and a good attitude. A good team captain will know that every player doesn’t shoot the same way and will be able to coach/guide them based on their level. Also remembering to be positive and that it’s not all about the win, it’s about having fun.

What is some coaching advice you give to your players?

Don’t think too far ahead, it’s just the one ball you need to shoot. Play your game with a clear head and don’t get frustrated, if you miss, you miss, move on and don’t let it get to you.

Describe your playing style:

Aggressive. I’m trying to kick the habit but I like going for the gusto! I play a lot of offense as I like making balls.

How has playing in a UPA league evolved your game?

It’s helped me a lot, the rules for UPA 9-Ball (3 foul rule) makes me focus on how I’m going to play and forces me to think smarter and play less aggressive in order to keep myself in the game. I think it’s helped me to be a better player all around.

Favorite Pro and why?

There are so many and I’ve had the opportunity to play against Corey Deuel and Mike Massey, however I’d have to say Shane Van Boening. We are the same age and being able to play like he does really motivates me. Its fun watching him play, he makes it look so easy.

Thanks Ryan, we really enjoyed meeting you and your team and already look forward to next year!