Team Captain of the Month – Brad Gould!

Say hello to Brad Gould, our May Team Captain of the Month! Brad has been a member of UPA of Central Carolina since it’s inception in 2014 for League Operator, Ray Laws. Brad impressed us with his strategy for leading his team, Stroke of Genius, to numerous victories; see what he had to say below!

Brad at a glance:

8-Ball OS: 3
8-Ball Team Ranking: 60
US Rank: 1099
Member since: 2/5/2014
Playing Cue: Legend

What is your favorite part about playing in a UPA league?

The procedural differences such as: alternating breaks, 8-Ball wins on the break, and the scoring method. Also, the atmosphere is different, in a good way. We are a tight knit group of people and all know each other on a 1st name basis. It’s still competitive, but way more fun.

What do you like most about being a Team Captain?

I like being the one to make the match-ups and seeing how the match-ups work in our favor. It’s super satisfying to have complete control and a successful outcome! I also like being the go-to-guy to help players succeed and being able to take an active role in supporting the team versus just cheer-leading from the sidelines. Players always need encouragement, whether they are up or down in the Match.

What is your fondest UPA Team memory?

Last year when I was co-captain, our team won the session – $1100! We all went out to celebrate and spend our winnings!

What qualities do you think make for a good Team Captain?

Captains should lead by example and always encourage their players. Also making sure to be present during each match, you don’t want a player to feel like they’re playing on an island as it can lead to performance anxiety and impact the match negatively.

What advice do you have for other UPA Team Captains?

Remember that it’s more about fun than winning and it’s not as serious as it looks. Realize that perfect nights are rare, however if you’re a captain that is always supporting your players, the wins will follow!

How do you use the Player Dashboard to help your team?

I use it a lot personally and tell players to use it to find their strengths and weaknesses. I’m a very analytical person and use the PD to find patterns in my game based on the players that I play. It’s incredibly useful to have that much info available via the graphs provided.

Describe your playing style:

Straight-pool. I utilize a soft break and will only attempt to pocket a ball if I’m 80% confident in the shot. I can be annoying for my opponent as I play a lot of safeties to get that ball in hand foul for the run-out.

What is your strategy for creating Match-ups?

I like to take out the advanced player by playing myself against them in order to steal points. It increases the winning percentages for the other matches.

Favorite Pro and why?

I have 2, the first being Dr. Dave Alciatore. He runs a website that breaks billiards down to a scientific/math method and has excellent online and DVD instructional videos. The second is Willie Mosconi, the best straight pool player of all time. He brought a sense of refinement to the game, not to mention his ability to pocket 100’s of balls.

Thank you for your time Brad, it was a pleasure getting to know you and congratulations to you and your new fiancée! You said the date was set for Sept. 2018 but we think that a 2018 Vegas Nationals wedding has a nice ring to it as well, what do you think?!