Team Captain of the Month – John Dickinson

Congratulations to John Dickinson, our April Team Captain of the Month! John is Team Captain for two teams, That Team and The Deplorables for UPA Upstate SC owned and operated by Matt Black and Mark Winters.

8-Ball OS: 7

9-Ball OS: 7

8:Ball Team Ranking: 40

9-Ball Team Ranking: 115

US Rank: 8-Ball – 46, 9-Ball – 76

Member since: 8/1/2016

How long have you been playing pool?

About 8 years now, back in college it was literally a 5 min walk to an active league bar. I played everyday and had some good teachers there. A few years later I started playing leagues and became captain of 2 teams.

What is your favorite part about playing in a UPA league?

I really enjoy the scoring and attention to detail in the UPA. The scoring system allows for accurate rankings and it is a good representation of what happened in the match and prevents Sandbagging.

What do you like most about being a Team Captain?

Strategizing. I look ahead to the next week and work with my co-captain to figure out our strategy for maximizing success. We figure out what match-ups we want along with a back-up plan. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, however if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

What are some challenges you’ve faced being a Team Captain?

Motivation, you have to stay motivated. If you’re burned out, it will translate to the team.

What qualities do you think make for a good Team Captain?

Attention to detail, good communication, being able to motivate players, preparation and dedication. Don’t become a Team Captain if you’re not planning on getting there early and staying late.

What advice do you have for other UPA Team Captains?

Get to know your players, every player is unique!

How do you use the Player Dashboard to help your team?

I look at the PD several times a week to check for Speed changes and rankings. It’s a great tool to help identify areas that need improvement for each individual player, such as break % and how well you’re playing defensively. All players should be looking at their SIQ, rank and overall stats. It helps to focus on areas that will help your game.

What is some coaching advice you’ve given to your players?

Don’t out-kick your coverage, meaning don’t plan to run out unless your positive you can run out to the end. Leaving just 1 or 2 balls on the table leaves your opponent wide open for an easy win.

Describe your playing style in one word:

Tactical, I don’t run out unless I know I can get there.

Favorite Pro and why?

Ronnie O’Sullivan. Watching him play is incredible, how he shoots that accurate, that fast, is amazing!

Will we see your team at Nationals?

We will definitely be pulling a team together, Clemson is going to represent!

It sounds like Clemson has a great community of shooters and we look forward to meeting the crew in Vegas. Good luck to John and his teams in the last few weeks of the session, shoot well and win that cash!